• If your company does not have a culture of internal recruitment, it is high time that its benefits are promoted. Last week we saw why it is necessary and its benefits. This week we will look at some best practices for internal recruitment. 

    Have Regular Conversations with the Team

    One of the biggest reasons in favour of Internal Recruitment we know is that managers are wary of losing top performers and promising talents to the competition. That is why it is essential to create a culture of internal and cross-disciplinary recruitment. Internal recruitment is also about nurturing your employees’ growth and helping them reach their career goals within the organization. Managers must have regular catch-up meetings with their team members to understand their evolution in skills, interests and aspirations. 

  • Your hiring strategy is an important strategy that keeps the cogs of your organization moving. And, hiring the right people will help you grow and move the organization forward expertly and innovatively. But when you hear hiring or recruitment, you first think of getting an entirely new employee. That does not necessarily have to be the case. Sometimes the best-suited talent that the job requires may already be working for your organization.

  • Digitization is the process by which pen and paper solutions are replaced by digital solutions. Such as using a Note-taking app on your mobile device or computer instead of a pen and a notepad. There are two aspects to this change when you think of it on a broad scale. One, Digital integration into the ways we work using modern tools that were developed in the last 40+ years, i.e., the advent of computers, the internet and mobile devices.